Release Candidate for ESET CyberSecurity (formerly NOD32 home edition) for Mac OS X

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    Apr 4, 2006

    A release candidate for ESET Cybersecurity for Mac OS X (formerly ESET NOD32 Antivirus for Mac OS X Home Edition), v4.0.53, is now available for you to download for testing purposes.

    Here is a partial changelog for this release:

    • added action window for detected threats after an on-demand scan
    • added button to close the Logs window
    • added check for product updates
    • added removable media blocking and control
    • added support for exclusions
    • added support for scanning targets
    • added uninstallation form
    • enabled pre-release updates
    • minor updates to GUI
    • improvements to stability
    • performance optimizations (including Time Machine backup)
    • updated screen shots in online help
    • computer scan now runs correctly when the successfully completed status is displayed
    • fixed compatibility issue with IronKey
    • fixed installation failing when pressing Back button
    • fixed issue with custom scan and manually-entered path
    • fixed issue with ESET logo being non-functional after resizing GUI window
    • fixed issue with GUI crashing when double-clicking
    • fixed issue with GUI crashing when scheduling new tasks
    • fixed issue with Information about last scan missing after rebooting or logging out
    • fixed issue with opening custom scan log
    • fixed issue with refresh of log files
    • fixed issue with refreshing the Scheduler’s target list
    • fixed issue with scan targets not being saved after a reboot
    • fixed issue with tooltips appearing after being disabled in GUI
    • fixed issue with tray icon freezing after double-click
    • fixed issue with update server selection
    • fixed issues with default buttons
    • fixed issues with reverting settings to default and context menu
    • fixed issues with scan targets when importing/exporting settings
    • fixed issues with modified privileges
    • fixed issues with real-time protection when excluding directories
    • fixed issues with scan targets when importing/exporting settings
    • fixed issues with scanning large objects
    • fixed missing links in online help sections
    • unprivileged user can now change scanning targets
    In addition to these, many small changes were made to text in the user interface, documentation and online help.

    This build is a release candidate, which means we are getting close to the actual release. As such, we are very interested in your feedback on all aspects of the program.

    For more information, or to download a copy, please visit the ESET Beta Test Portal.


    Aryeh Goretsky
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