RegSupreme and RegSupreme Pro updated

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  1. chachazz

    chachazz Updates Team

    Apr 23, 2004
    RegSupreme and RegSupreme Pro updated

    Updated versions of both RegSupreme and RegSupreme Pro released.

    The new versions contains the following updates.


    * Contains the brand new AI-powered Registry Cleaner engine of the jv16 PowerTools 2005
    * Supports sorting by clicking the column headers
    * Added a support for jv16 PowerTools 2005's licenses
    * Added many new translations, the product can currently be fully used with 46 languages. Click here to see the list of translations.
    * Other minor improvements

    RegSupreme Pro

    * Fixed a bug that made impossible to remove some items from the Software menu
    * Improved the sorting support. For example, the lists are now automatically sorted and remember the sorting settings if you change them
    * Other minor improvements

    The updated versions are naturally free for the current license owners. Please uninstall any previous versions of RegSupreme before installing the new version, or install the new version to another directory. The new version of RegSupreme Pro can be installed over RegSupreme Pro 1.1.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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