Recreate a bootable Windows DVD ISO from installation files(easy solution)

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    Usage: For recreating a Windows DVD or System Repair DVD after custom-modifying it for improvement pre and post install.

    All done just using one freeware program ImgBurn

    Prior: To initially copy a Windows DVD to a ISO image file, you can use the 'Create image from disk' option.

    Prior: To extract a initial Windows ISO image file to a folder, you can use 7zip by right clicking the ISO image file and selecting 'extract to:filename'

    So to recreate a Windows 7,8 and 10 ISO image file that boots correctly from extracted Windows installation files including USB Windows files, you can also use ImgBurn.

    In ImgBurn:

    Select Create image from files and folders.

    Select the Windows ISO Source folder, which is the main folder you extracted the Windows DVD ISO image folder and files to
    by using the third icon down marked in yellow. Do not select the Windows system folder(c:\windows)
    Select ISO save location for the Destination.

    In ImgBurn Options:

    Select 'File-system to 'UDF'
    Select UDF revision 1.02

    In ImgBurn advanced option:

    Select 'Make Image Bootable'
    Select 'None' Emulation
    Select the yellow Boot Image icon to select in the installation 'Boot' folder, you will need to select all files to see it.
    Change 'Sectors to Load' from 4 to 8

    Click the Build icon, the blue arrow bottom left.
    Click Yes at OK at the prompts.
    The ISO is recreated.

    If required to send the ISO file to a DVD, use 'Write image file to disk' option.

    An Alternative
    You can create a ISO from a Windows System Repair Disk. Open the ISO, wipe the existing folder and files, copy the new Windows installation files then save.

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  2. trott3r

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    Jan 21, 2010
    I assume this dvd will have all the updates?
  3. Brian K

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    Jan 28, 2005
    NSW, Australia

    I'm having trouble with this. What is "Select the main installation folder for the Source"?

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