Recovery Software Suggestions needed urgently

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    Dec 13, 2012
    One of my USB Hard Drives "died".
    I am still able to recover some stuff out of it, but I am looking for some Recovery Software which
    gives as accurate results as possible..
    For example, when I tried Piriform's Recuva, it gave a green light (meaning the files would be 100% recoverable) on a lot of files..
    When I recovered them,and did a CRC check on the stuff...
    None of the CRC's matched,and most of the archives wouldn't even open in winrar/winzip.
    All picture files it recovered were corrupted too.

    Puran's File Recovery seems to be the best option which I tried so far, but it's the same story with it too..
    Yet, it has given so far the best results on some files, where others failed.

    Any other (preferably free) software, worth giving a shot at?
    I tried test disk, but it seems to be a bit too complicated for me and has no real GUI. :(
    Any help much appreciated, thank you.

    I recovered some stuff with Puran Recovery, and replaced the drive.
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