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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by Agrajag, Mar 21, 2019.

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    May 25, 2007
    I ran into an issue I'd like to get to the bottom of. I'm involved in a community (sort of like the forums here) where we sometimes will discuss topics that some people take issue with. In one such case I have noted a strange relationship between numerous posters all using the same linguistic styles and phrases, nearly all having few posts and only posting in support of the key person behind a specific view and, frankly, it's so blatant that it's pretty clear that these accounts are all from the same person. So someone will post a position on say, a debate about glass vs. plastic containers and out of the blue 20 people will show up all supporting this one guy who is vehement about the benefits of glass (the topic doesn't matter). The one "expert" has a long history, but the supporting accounts have no such history and seem to have been created only recently and only ever to support this guy's views -- and many posters buy into this.

    This person is so egocentric that they'll look for ANY support they can find, so I'd like to unmask these accounts by sending them a PM on a forum and include a link to a screenshot from the forum of something someone said about them. They will, of course, load it. I'd like to have a tool that can do this and record the IP address of the person looking at it. I'll then send a different image to one of the other "people" and see if the IP's match (I am certain they will).

    Does anyone know of a tool that I can use to achieve this without having to resort to running something on a private server? In other words, is there a Google docs extension, a Dropbox script, or anything else similar that will record the IP address of the person that views that image?

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