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    This post provides links to some of the more informative and useful threads in this forum section.

    Former Sticky Threads

    General Alerts & Warnings
    WARNING: Do NOT use the ImageComedy Network! - It spoofs e-mails (with viruses) - Javacool
    WARNING - RapidBlaster spyware (and removal tools) - RapidBlaster Killer - Javacool

    Software Security Issues
    Warning Sun Java: check version, remove older ones - FanJ
    Sun issues patches for critical Java flaws - ronjor

    General Windows Security
    SuRun: Easily running Windows XP as a limited user (the benefits of LUA)
    Maximising Windows XP security with LUA and SRP
    Maximising Windows VISTA security with LUA and SRP (even without ultimate)
    Maximising Windows 7 security with SRP under LUA (whatever the win7 version)
    AppLocker implementation (How to set it up.)

    Please let us know if you think we should add links to other threads in 'other security issues' here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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