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Discussion in 'Trojan Defence Suite' started by phat al, May 23, 2005.

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  1. phat al

    phat al Registered Member

    May 19, 2005
    alberta canada
    Ok im new and I haven’t found a post with my questions or answers yet, so sorry if it does exist.
    1 - When I boot my xp pro system TDS-3 doesn’t automatically come on?
    1a- can I config it to auto load to real-time protection when PC is turned on?

    2 – will this real time be a drain on a p4 2.60ghz with 512mb ram
    2a- I play online Americas army (a lot) will it cause lag?

    3 – when I open tds 3 it shows it loading n checking n so forth, do I need to leave it open on screen or shrink it, or can I close it and see it’s running in background?
    3a- will it be running if I close the load screen down?
  2. FanJ

    FanJ Guest

    Hi phat al,

    Welcome to the Wilders-board !

    As I myself have only a very old W98SE system, I'm afraid I cannot answer all your questions.
    I'm sure others will jump in soon ;)

    I think that I saw that users of XP are adviced to let TDS-3 start up using the MS start-up, but this is definitely something for Pilli, Jooske, or other users of XP !

    Looks to me fast enough ;) , but I suppose that only you can tell if you're satisfied ;)

    This is an important issue !
    TDS-3 will ONLY protect you if TDS-3 has been started and not shut down !
    Yes, the initial start-up of TDS-3 might take some minutes, depending on which of its start-up options are enabled.
    It does not matter whether you shrink it or not, but again TDS-3 will only protect you if it has been started and not shut down.
    The real-time protection of TDS-3 is its Execution Protection.
    That is a so-called hook.
    It works only if you have a licenced version of TDS-3; it does not work in the evaluation version.
    You have to enable it (in the registred version) through:
    in TDS-3 > TDS > Execution Protection > Install

    Lots of info has been posted here:
    IMPORTANT TDS-3 sticky threads collection

    Please read in particular:
    TDS - Extremely powerful, but also very easy to use!

    RUN AS for TDS-3 - TRACE scan, multiple user problems

    Basic configuration of TDS-3

    I hope this helps !
    Please let us know if you have any questions.
    Cheers, Jan.
  3. A884126

    A884126 Registered Member

    May 16, 2004
    To complete FanJ answers regarding your 3 points.

    1. First in order to protect your PC you need to install the "Execution Protection" under TDS menu.
    Then if you want TDS to start with Windows you need to configure it in the Option from TDS menu (Minimise to SysTray, Run at Windows Start Up, Start Up State Minimised).

    2. I am playing Unreal Tournament 2004 online and have no concern at all. Remember that your system configuration (firewall, AV...) might also slow down you connection.

    3. Let it do its job and it will minimise itself when it is done. If it is too much pain for you then you can minimise it, but not close it otherwise it will stop its check up.
    The checking can also be configured in the Option from TDS menu.

    Remember, in order to get TDS full protection, it needs to run in the background (SysTray).

    Hope it helps.
  4. phat al

    phat al Registered Member

    May 19, 2005
    alberta canada
    Hay .. thx guys

    I hadn’t configd it properly, I didn’t have protection … phew good job I looked for post replies before surfing porn lol.

    The links were great, I do have a question about “ scan task configurations”
    From the list of “available scans” do I need to chose any?
    And if so what ones and if not why not?

    ps americas army scan your pc for hacks in memory n so forth, will tds be an issue?
  5. Pilli

    Pilli Registered Member

    Feb 13, 2002
    Hampshire UK
    Should not be a problem with TDS3 but if you are considering using ProcessGuard as well then punkbuster will not allow your game to run if PG is installed on your PC.

    Regarding scan control, I have all the scans in configuration ticked except for Initialise sockes & Process memory space scan, you may find it better to start TDS3 after boot if or put a shortcut in your Startup folder rather than TDS3's own autostart if you have the latter ticked.

    HTH Pilli.
  6. phat al

    phat al Registered Member

    May 19, 2005
    alberta canada
    Thanks for all the help, im a needy guy lol well that’s what the x said sobs

    I have a new issue will it need to be in a new post?

    Basically multiple account in XP issue.
    Im admin privilege and so is the wife. I told TDS 3 to run as myself on my account n it works.
    I told it to run as myself on the wife’s account and it wont, it gives error.
    I switched it off on my account and opened it as me on my wife’s account and it worked but I couldn’t log it on as myself for me?
    One way or the other but not both?
    It is a full revolving license and I have just got it, I cant of broke it yet?
  7. Jooske

    Jooske Registered Member

    Feb 12, 2002
    Netherlands, EU near the sea
    Hi thee again!
    You have it installed as an admin, and set as "run as" (admin, not as you) from user accounts which gives the user accounts exactly that limited necessary admin privileges to be able to use TDS from there too.
    If this doesn't work properly the other option would be to install TDS from each user account too.

    I wonder if it is possible to have two admin accounts open at a time.

    Do you mean a "roving license"?
    This is for technicians to be installed temporary on a system and to be removed after a repair, not meant for permanent installation. I think you best ask for a normal license if this is the case.
    If you have one computer you can do with one license, if you have more systems, for instance your's and your wife's, each would need a license. If both users are on the one pc you can do with one normal license. It might change your problem.
    Do consider to look at ProcessGuard and Port Explorer to be rather complete! :cool:
    Last edited: May 25, 2005
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