Re: Family License almost over, should I renew?

Discussion in 'other anti-malware software' started by aladinonl, May 26, 2007.

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  1. aladinonl

    aladinonl Registered Member

    May 21, 2007
    ur situation is wat i got every year. which AV to be used..??

    NOD32 is good tho
    but few months ago, i decide to make a change, now my laptop totally protected by freeware.

    if u take a look at some freebies, u will see that they r not inferior to paid ones.

    and it seems to me that for u, security simply means antivirus but its not simple like that. basic protection for ur comp includes firewall, antispyware & antivirus program.
    or u can choose to have a full protection from a full internet security suite.

    since u r using vista, im not sure which of those i recommend here not compatible with vista, u need to research more

    -Comodo :free,i strongly recommend this one, great product with great support, only firewall that passes all leaktests. check out upcoming version 3 including full HIPS (current version does have HIPS features) which protect u from unknown malware (current version not vista-compatible but version 3 is)
    -Zone Alarm :free or paid.
    -sunbelt kerio: paid
    -Jetico: free
    -sygate: free

    -Ad-Aware SE:free or paid, most popular, paid version has real-time protection
    -AVG antispyware: free or paid,paid version has real-time protection
    -Superantispyware: new in field,free or paid, paid version has real-time protection
    -a-square: free or paid,paid version has real-time protection
    -spybot search & destroy: free, has real-time protection
    -comodo BOClean: free, has real-time protection
    -windows defender: free for windows users, has real-time protection

    anti-virus: i never recommend norton & Mcafee:thumbd:
    check out
    -Kaspersky: paid, high detection rate
    -bitdefender: paid, high detection rate, slow down comp.
    -NOD32: u know it more than me, i've tried all the things that i post here except NOD32, *_*.
    -AVIRA antivir: free or paid, free version still has real-time protection, highest detection rate but update takes ages. i lost my patient with its update, cant never update so i give up with it.
    -AVG: free or paid, free version still has real-time protection, most popular free antivirus program, above-average detection rate.
    -Avast: free or paid, free version still has real-time protection,second most popular free antivirus program, good detection rate , thorough protection than AVG and AOL Active virus shield below, interface like a meida player and i dun like dat.
    -AOL active virus shield: new in field, free with real-time protection, lite version of Kaspersky, same database. dont have web antivirus and proactive defense features.
    -PCtools: free, real-time, average detection rate
    -Arca micro scan: free,on-demand only, average detection rate
    -Comodo AV: poor detection rate but promising, real-time
    -ClamWin AV: free & open-source, average detection rate, on-demand only,pick 1 that AOL cant pick in my laptop, frequent update, good for 2nd opinion.
    -Bitdefender 8 free edition: free, same detection rate with paid version, on-demand only.once instal u will see 2 more services from it running in background, 1 for automatic update and 1 for monitor, u can go around it by uncheck automatic update and startup wit windows.

    in case u think about a security suite, here my opinion:
    -ZA: sounds good but i had painful experience with it, crash my laptop 3 times,i tried to stay wit but finally i give up, i feel like ZA betray me.
    -Kaspersky: very good combination of great antivirus and good firewall.
    -Panda: set and forget, it does its job by itself, have thorough features but poor firewall, good for novice users (like my girl and my parents:D ).

    u can consider these more: :)
    web browser:Opera ( i strongly recommend this one, fastest browser in town and good security also) or Firefox.

    sandbox: sandboxie: free or paid, in case u dun know what sandbox is for, it basically provide an isolated box for u to surf ,meaning virtually every nasty come thru the net to ur comp will be isolated in this box and cant cause damage to ur comp. then u can scan it with watever scanner u wan before make it real.

    -Mcafee siteadvisor: free or paid, good for opinion about the site when u search on google, yahoo or, for IE and FF only.
    -linkscanner: free or paid, good for opinion about the site when u search on google, yahoo, also for IE and FF only.
    -trendmicro trendprotect:free , good for opinion about the site when u search on google, yahoo , for IE only.
    -comodo verification engine:free , good for fraudulent-site checking, support almost all browsers including opera.

    harden tool:u also can have a harden tool which disable services, teak windows' settings for better security, for XP only, all free

    anti-keylooger: snoupfree, like the name suggest, its free
    if u do transaction online, its gud idea if u haf a virtual keyboard
    note: windows on-screen keyboard is useless
    im not online shopper so dun haf much experience here.

    anti-rootkit: pretty new but dangerous kind of mal-ware,all free.
    for advanced user:
    -rootkit revealer

    for normal user:
    -Panda anti-rootkit
    -AVG anti-rootkit
    -sophos anti-rootkit

    HIPS program: host-based intrusion prevention, based on behavior not signature of nasties, meaning with gud hips & gud knowledge, u dun need any other protections but stil stay secured (but no one will recommend this)
    -prevx: free until it catches 1 nasty
    -cyberhawk: free or paid
    -system safety monitor: free or paid (most recommended)
    -winpatrol: free or paid
    -dynamic security agent: free
    -winpooch: free & open-source, same developer with Clam antivirus above.
    -however, when comodo firewall version 3 come out with full hips, u dun need a HIPS program anymore, comodo firewall will do all the jobs as the first line of ur defense.Like i said, comodo firewall is a great program.

    my 2 cents, hope this help.:)

    P.S: my cocktail (all free ^_^):
    real time: Comodo firewall, windows defender, AOL active virus shield
    on-demand: ClamWin, Ad-aware, a-square, Panda anti-rootkit,Hijack this,CWShredder
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  2. gerardwil

    gerardwil Registered Member

    Jan 17, 2004
    Must be me but what exactly is your question? o_O

  3. coolbluewater

    coolbluewater Registered Member

    Feb 10, 2007
    next door to Redmond
    Yeah, same here - I'm stumped too.
    The OP went with freeware a few months ago while time still remains on a paid AV, although I'm not sure which one offers a family license.
  4. aladinonl

    aladinonl Registered Member

    May 21, 2007
    i reply to another thread, how come it become a new threado_O?
    i myself stumble tooo_O
    no question here, jus share some thoughts
  5. ccsito

    ccsito Registered Member

    Jul 27, 2006
    Nation's Capital
    It appears that the first post was transferred to a separate new message thread. There should have been some kind of icon indicator that showed that a new topic was opened from another message thread. You should direct that question to one of the forum moderators to see who initiated that action. I am not sure if a regular poster can do that function. If they can, then let me know so that I can relocate other message posts. LOL :D :rolleyes: o_O :-* :cool: :p
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