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  1. flylor

    flylor Registered Member

    Apr 29, 2006
    G,day..Am shortly to purchase a new computer which will have 2 disks using RAID O array.Are there any special precautions to take when using Acronis True Imageo_Oo_Oo_O?I note that in the FAQ,s for Disc Director Suite 10 that there are no problems with that software.Regards flylor
  2. shieber

    shieber Registered Member

    Oct 27, 2004
    It handles RAID on my machine jsut fine, with an intel chipset.

    You probalby need to specify what RAID controller you plan to use for Acronis to give a helpful answer. The question won't be can ATI handle it in Windows -- that's likely since it will be using the windows drivers to talk tothe RAID controller. But when you boot from CD to restore, that will be a linux environment, so you need to know if the Linux environment has drivers that support the RAID controller you plan to use.

  3. ugc

    ugc Registered Member

    Jun 28, 2004
    I have raid 0 setup on my computer also with no problems, but from my knowledge, and many others suggest this; Only use raid for your data, and put the OS on a single drive. A lot less headaches overall.
  4. alkolkin

    alkolkin Registered Member

    Oct 7, 2006
    I have just gone through this somewhat frustrating exercize, but Acronis is incredible when coupled with the BartPE plug in and the Universal Restore option.

    I have an Abit MOBO with embedded SI 3132 RAID 0 with two disks for the OS and an NVraid 5 with three disks for data. What you can do with the BartPE after downloading it from is add the Bart Plug-in from Acronis. Add the drivers for your RAID to the appropriate subdirectory, and the create an iso file that you will ultimately burn to a DVD. When you boot from the DVD it will recognize your SOFT Raid and you will select the Acronis True Image boot. Here are the steps: The first is from Acronis Technical support that I found very helpful.

    1) Installing Acronis True Image plug-in for BartPE

    To get the plug-in you need to use the Custom type of installation. Then choose the plug-in for BartPE to be installed.

    2) Getting started with BartPE and Acronis True Image plug-in

    The description is based on PE builder version 3.1.10a.

    To create BartPE CD with the Acronis True Image plug-in please follow the instructions below:

    * Download the PE builder and install it;
    * Get to the Acronis True Image installation folder. (The default folder is C:\Program Files\Acronis). Rename the BartPE folder to Acronis. Copy this folder into the Plugin folder in the Bart PE builder installation directory. (The default directory is C:\pebuilder3110a or similar);
    * Run the PE builder, put in the necessary paths (the online help is available at, and click the Plugins button;
    * Make sure you have the Acronis True Image plug-in enabled on the Plugins screen;
    * Close the Plugins window and click the Build button to start the building process. If you want the image to be burned to CD, please check the Burn to CD option and choose the necessary burner in the Device menu;
    * After the image is created, burn it to CD or DVD. (If you did not check the Burn to CD option at the previous step).

    3) Adding drivers

    BartPE supports adding two types of drivers: storage drivers and network drivers. For instructions on how to add drivers please refer to

    There is also an option to add storage drivers (for RAID or SCSI devices) during BartPE boot-up. (You need to press F6 and point to the diskette with the drivers). Common storage drivers are available at

    1. Do not use the F6 option because at least in my case after Windows asks for the drivers from the A: drive and continues and then later asks for them again. This does not work well from within BartPE because it appears to be looking for files ion the wrong place during the second step.

    This is the procedure I followed after installing per Acronis' instructions:

    1. Placed BartPE CD in SATA DVD drive
    2. Rebooted
    3. Clicked on GO | System | Storage | Acronis True Image
    4. Clicked on Recovery from within True Image
    5. Selected my Archive Volume 1 of multi-volume image
    6. Selected my most recent differential backup
    7. Restored NVidia RAID 5 data drive
    8. Restored Silicon Image RAID 0 OS
    9. Told it to completely delete the old partitions
    10. Prayed and walked away
    11. 1/2 hour later I came back and rebooted
    VOILA, Perfecto, Wunderbar, совершенно, PERFECT! Both my OS was restored exactly as it was supposed to be and my data was restored as it was supposed to be; both were on different controllers, by different manufacturers, and different type of RAID.

    Truly a miracle! Great product.


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