R481, Radeon X850 AGP emerges - to be introduced before CeBIT

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    By Fuad Abazovic: Thursday 17 February 2005, 16:26

    WE WROTE about this chip back in January and now we know that we are just weeks away from its introduction. You can check our previous article here.
    We know that ATI wants to introduce those cards around the time of the CeBIT show and to make a big noise about them there. Introduction of the cards should occur before the Hannover based show, maybe in early March. The plan is to ship those cards in March but I guess you should be able to buy more of them in April.

    As we've said before, the R481 is Radeon X850 AGP. We are sure it will get its Radeon X850 XT PE AGP version as well and will become the fastest ATI native AGP card ever produced. At this time we are not aware of ATI plans to bridge R520 to AGP but this sound like a reasonable solution to do sometime in the future.

    The R481, X850 AGP should enjoy the same clock speeds just like its PCIe brother. NVIDIA is still resting and enjoying selling Geforce 6800 Ultra, NV40 video cards. It still doesn't want to change anything on this AGP high end front. µ
Thread Status:
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