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Discussion in 'other anti-virus software' started by Johnny Sokko, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Johnny Sokko

    Johnny Sokko Registered Member

    Nov 8, 2012

    I have several questions about Dr. Web Anti-virus, and I'm hoping to get some better answers to my questions here than I'm able to get at their forums. :)

    That being said, here are my questions (. . . for now :D ):

    1.) How many different versions of Dr. Web are available for home use for a Windows PC?

    From the looks of their site, it appears that there are only two, i.e., Dr. Web Anti-virus and Dr. Web Security Space. Is this correct? The reason I want to be certain about this is because I saw another version of Dr. Web being offered for download on CNET called Dr. Web for Workstations, and I have no idea what that version is because I don't see any reference to it on the actual Dr. Web site. Does anyone know what that version is?

    2.) In comparing the differences between the two products that I see on the Dr. Web site (i.e., Dr. Web Anti-virus and Dr. Web Security Space), it appears that Dr. Web Security Space has four features that the standard Dr. Web Anti-virus does not, which are:


    HTTP monitor

    Parental control

    Anti-virus network

    Is this correct? Are these the only differences between the two products?

    3.) And last: In trying to determine which version to buy a license for, I don't really see the need for the extra anti-spam feature since my email provider already does a good job with that, and I don't have any children, so I see no need for the parental control feature either. However, I am curious about the Anti-virus network feature and the HTTP monitor. What is the Anti-virus network? What does it actually do, and how does it benefit the user? And what is the HTTP monitor, and what does it actually do?

    Thanks for reading. :) I'm really looking forward to getting some helpful answers. (And sorry for so many questions in my first post. I hope that's okay.)

    PS: Did I post this in the correct forum for the best chance of getting the most hepful answers? If not, where should I have posted this at instead?
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  2. Macstorm

    Macstorm Registered Member

    Mar 7, 2005
    Sneffels volcano

    Yes, you have come to the right place :)

    Based on my little knowledge of Dr.Web, I'd dare to answer yes for your first two questions and would add that the Workstations version is aimed to networked pcs and system admins.

    As for you last question, I think http monitor is a sort of web filter meant for scan all http traffic for malware. About Antivirus-Network beats me o_O :D

    I personally like the "AV only" version for whichever vendor I seek, and as such I'd only recommend you this version alone. Imo, the extra features found on pricer products are not needed for home users.

    I hope my post has served you in some way.
  3. risl

    risl Registered Member

    Dec 8, 2006
    Anti-virus network allows administration of Dr.Web antiviruses from other computers who are in same local network. For example you could start a system scan from another computer.

    "New! Remote administration

    The Anti-virus network component enables remote administration and configuration of Dr.Web software installed on computers in the local network.
    It doesn't require the Dr.Web Control Center.
    You can establish a remote connection from any computer to any other computer.
    The administration includes retrieval of statistics and logs from a remote machine, viewing and changing modules settings and starting and stopping anti-virus components. You can also register a serial number and replace a key file on a remote computer.
    To use this feature, a remote connection must be allowed on a target machine."
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  4. 1000db

    1000db Registered Member

    Jan 9, 2009
    Dr Web has only the two versions for Windows unless you include a beta. The AV only version has what they call Spider Gate which is an HTTP scanner and URL blocker of sorts. I think the main differences in the two is that Security Space has a firewall and SPAM filter too. I've found Dr. Web to be quite effective for my use. I believe the workstation version is a corporate version meant to be used with a central management server.
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