Question re restoring - using Drive Cloner and Rollback Rx

Discussion in 'backup, imaging & disk mgmt' started by bgoodman4, Nov 10, 2011.

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    Jan 13, 2009
    I have a distinct recollection that the MBR can be damaged somehow if you restore an image to a drive that has (or possibly had when the image was created) RollBack Rx installed. Due to old age (memory failing) and a bit of laziness (I don't want to search the forum threads for a detailed specific answer) I can't recall under what circumstances this MBR issue would raise its ugly head. I would like to be clear on this point in case I need to restore a DriveCloner image at some point.

    Why I am asking now.

    I had uninstalled Rx to do my PC monthly house cleaning and before I did I imaged using DC. After cleaning I then imaged using Paragon (Rx was not installed). I reinstalled Rx and after a few min of using the PC discovered that something was off. None of my external drives were recognized and a particular program would not open.

    At first I thought I would restore using the Paragon image (created from within Windows) but felt it likely the problems occurred during the cleanup and that since the image was created at the end of the cleanup it was likely that this would not solve the problem.

    I then actually began to restore using the DC image but was uncertain if I should do so with Rx installed or uninstalled since the image was made with Rx installed.

    Thankfully I managed to solve the problems without having to restore at all.

    The problem stemmed from TuneUp Utilities 2012. I had recently purchased TuneUp Utilities 2012 (after having used 2008 for 3 years with no problems) and the auto disable feature turned out to be the culprit. The problems disappeared as soon as I uninstalled this program and I have since reinstalled it but with the auto disable feature turned off (so far no issues). This is a shame because my PC was markedly faster with this feature turned on. For the week I had used the program before the clean-up all auto-disabled programs were flawlessly activated when called upon (services were started) and then the services were disabled once the program was closed. Considering TU 2012 had identified 13 services that were running when not specifically needed disabling them really did make the PC faster.

    SO,,,,,,just in case,,,, I think it wise to get this clear in my mind now so that if I ever run into a similar issue I will be able to proceed promptly and with confidence. When restoring a Drive Cloner image do you need to do so with the PC in the same configeration as when the image was made. That is, if the image was made with Rx installed should it be installed when the restore is done,,,,or does it not matter?

    Rx really has spoiled me. I am so used to simply rolling back out of problems that trouble shooting the problem was rather unpleasant, however, in this case restoring would only have postponed the problem since I would have restored with TuneUp utilities 2012 in place. The next time I did PC maintenance the problem would likely have resurfaced so its just as well that I resolved the problem the old fashioned way.
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