question about dcsmutex and Process Guard

Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by tuatara, May 7, 2004.

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  1. tuatara

    tuatara Registered Member

    Apr 7, 2004
    Perhaps anyone can help me to solve this (small problem).

    On my system i use Process Guard, and TDS-3 etc.

    Everytime i have updated TDS-3, and i start the scheduled TDS-3 scan,
    Process Guard 'sees' that the file dcsmutex is changed, and will ask me to
    manually agree to start this.

    This is all very normal and perfect.

    The small problem that i have, is that the TDS-3 (full-) scan is (scheduled) and started, at 03:00 AM.

    Is there a way or option or setting, to work-around this?
    So that TDS-3 is protected by PG and
    i don't have to go out of bed in the middle of the night ?

    i :)
  2. Gavin - DiamondCS

    Gavin - DiamondCS Former DCS Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Perth, Western Australia
    Hmmm I see..

    How about edit Full System Scan.txt, and remove the mutex scan :)
    Run a mutex scan once a week or so :)
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