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Discussion in 'FirstDefense-ISR Forum' started by Acadia, Jan 30, 2011.

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    Ok, here's one that I don't believe I've ever seen here before.

    I'm going to follow pandlouk's instructions for installing Win7 which consists of these steps:
    1. export the xp snapshot to an archive.
    2. completly uninstall fd-isr.
    3. upgrade from xp to 7 (this is actually a clean install and not a real upgrade).
    4. in windows 7 reinstall fd-isr.
    5. import the xp from the archive to a new snapshot.

    Assuming that everything works, I now have FirstDefense Snapshots that contain both XP and Win7. Question, I have two programs on XP that were never upgraded to Win7 version. No problem, I will only be using them in the XP snapshot, BUT, these programs cover the entire c:drive, all snapshots. They are an old version of Faronic's Anti-Executable and an old version of the mirror imaging program ShadowProtect. Anti-Executable checks ALL SNAPSHOTS for the bad guys not just the Snapshot that you are in. And of courses ShadowProtect images the entire hard drive, all snapshots.

    Does anyone have any experience with something like this? Is there going to be a problem using these two programs when I am in my XP Snapshot as these two program cover the entire c:drive and all snapshots including those containing Win7? Even though I will not be using these two programs in Win7, they will both be doing something to the FirstDefense files that contain the Win7 snapshots, one checking for executables and the other copying it.

    Thanks everyone,
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