Q: How do you create a shortcut to the "universal" desktop? [Win10]

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    Sep 22, 2008
    I have a Windows 10 running in "Tablet Mode".
    This mode blocks out the desktop.
    So it can only be accessed via a folder shortcut (which will be displayed on taskbar using other GUI software).

    The problem is...
    The Windows shortcut wizard only creates a shortcut to a specific user's desktop folder.
    This is a problem because as I am installing software, I am allowing them to create shortcuts on the desktop.
    The problem is that the user's desktop folder does not display these newly created shortcuts.

    The solution I want is...
    In the Windows File Explorer, there is a blue desktop icon at the top of the left-side tree.
    This icon appears in the Explorer address bar simply as "Desktop".
    This is sort of a "universal" desktop that is displaying all my newly created software shortcuts.

    I cannot find a way to create a shortcut to that particular "universal" desktop.
    Can anyone help?
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    Jan 12, 2006
  3. paulescobar

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    Sep 22, 2008
    Thanks stapp.

    But I found the exact solution to my question. Took lots of time experimenting & searching!

    Create a new shortcut.
    Enter the following for the path: explorer shell:desktop
    Use any name desired.

    This method is very useful for creating shortcuts to other important areas in Windows.
    For further reading on "shell command" locations & creating shortcuts to them:

    This will open up the main blue desktop icon that appears above the folder tree in File Explorer.
    You can place this shortcut on the taskbar or start menu.
    I personally use "True Launch Bar" GUI software to launch shortcuts from taskbar in "Tablet Mode".