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    General Policy: Images uploaded to Wilders Security are intended for local use on these forums only, and should not be linked to from any third-party websites or forums.

    As Wilders Security Forums has recently disabled the inline display of images served from third-party websites, this forum section has been created for the special circumstances when extra images may be needed for other posts made out in the forum.

    These should be fairly rare, as the current limit is 5 image uploads per post. However, if a person wishes to format a specialty post, say to include thumbnails for each image, they can put all the images in threads here then use IMG tags to display them in posts in other forum sections.

    In addition, there may be times when a person wants to make other images available to a thread they are posting in, but, may not want them all to display inline in the thread. (Most likely for performance reasons - i.e. too many images on a single thread page can cause very long loading times.) Such images can be placed here and then URL links to those "extra images" could be put in their posts, or a single link to the thread holding all the images could be used. Other people can click to those links selectively and see the images hosted here without them being forced upon them by automatic display.

    Please note that this is not a discussion forum section. Regular members will not be able to reply to other people's threads in this section. Also, images will be moderated as needed in case inappropriate content gets uploaded.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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