Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by Climenole, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. Climenole

    Climenole Look 'n' Stop Expert

    Jun 3, 2005
    Hi all :)

    I would like to know if somebody here is a user of Psiphon as server or client.
    What's your opinion about the program et the way the service is implemented ?

    The idea of Psiphon, allowing poeple living in countries with censorship to access the uncensored web via Psiphon,
    is a good idea but it seems a little bit tricky to match these poeple with the Psiphon server operators...

    What is your experience with Psiphon and have you some hints for me?

    Thank you.


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  2. llista

    llista Registered Member

    Apr 23, 2007
    European Union
    I have not tried it and it is unlikely I never will, the idea that the persorn letting you use his/her internet connexion as a proxy gets the right to check what you do puts me off.

    The Psiphon forum has even the comments of an operator saying I was happy to see that this guy from Iran accessed homosexual pages, I don't mind at all

    Surely some operators get the kicks out of legally snooping on the people using their internet connexion, it will surely cut proxy abuse, but this is not the way to go.
  3. true north

    true north Registered Member

    Dec 14, 2006
    Hi there,

    I know this program is running between relatives or friends
    e.g. from Canada and China. The problem is: TRUST

    true north
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