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    Mar 22, 2007
    Just wanted to give a brief/generic assessment of this VPN service. I wanted another one to connect to directly, and to use Mullvad as my outer VPN, and it's the only one I know of with truly anonymous payment method (i.e. cash). And this doesn't matter as much if you're directly connecting to one, as they can see what you're doing anyway, and if they really wanted to be shady that ship has sailed already no matter how you paid.

    The speeds have been fine. No problems thus far. And I trust them, and trust my intuition as well.

    So I'm going PRQ/Mullvad right now. I recommend both. Individual results vary of course. I've seen some that people swear by that've been horrible experiences for me personally.

    I'm using OpenVPN v2.2.1 to run them through. I never had problems with that version, and the later versions I don't completely trust... as there have been questions about the integrity of all subsequent versions due to a certain person helping develop it. I don't know whether to take it seriously or not... but I figure better safe than sorry. 2.2.1 crashes occasionally, but that's a small price to pay for peace of mind. And am also using Comodo FW to prevent DNS leaks, among other things.

    So this may be one worth trying. Just wanted to get it out there.
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