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Discussion in 'privacy general' started by ricoh83, Jan 18, 2007.

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  1. ricoh83

    ricoh83 Registered Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    I've 2 questions regarding Proxy:

    1) I came across a site for free proxys here a list of
    proxy ips and port nos. are given from different
    countries. My question is what are these free proxy ips?
    Do they belong to a particular host like mine or are
    they freely available ips not used by any hosts?
    (Please dont write about how proxys work)
    When I am trying to use any of these proxys by putting them
    in my Internet Properties>Connection>LAN Settings Im not
    getting that output when I visit IP checking website.
    Instead they show my ISPs IP address.Plz help.

    Note: I am connecting to the internet from a standalone pc running XP

    2)When I am trying to use proxy from Windows Live Messenger(Latest Version)
    it says to use the HTTP proxy server and port using Internet Explorer.
    Is there any way I can use the proxy in the messenger without using it in IE??Plz Help.

    Awaiting ur reply....
  2. AaLF

    AaLF Registered Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    I suggest you forget about chasing proxies and run "TOR" through Firefox. :thumb: :cool:
  3. MakePB

    MakePB Registered Member

    Jan 18, 2007
    If you check site for ip checking and the site still show your true ip address and not proxy then you probably didnt configure your browser to works behind proxy server or you use transparent proxy that spill your ip address.
    Check Ip Address Location to see of you are behind proxy or site still show your real ip address and some additional infos.

    To hide your ip address you need to find really working anonymous proxy server or simple use TOR.
    Many sites with "daily" free public proxy servers post in fact useless servers from CoDeeN/PlanetLab project that does not support HTTP protocol post and connect method and very hardly GET and HEAD method.
    I wrote something about that problem on

    About free proxy.They allow connection from anywhere in the world and because open http proxy servers allows connections
    and use of the service by anyone in the world, the proxy's administrator has essentially "authorized" everyone to use the service.If proxy start asking you for password stop using them
    because it is not anymore open public accessible server and it is illegal to gain access to a
    system without authorization! Never abuse any open proxy servers for illegal purpouse.

    They say that outlook express will works too behind server and port using by IE but in reality this does not seem to works.
    The best way to use messenger is probably socksification where you force him to use socks server through sockscap or freecap.
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  4. itsmej

    itsmej Registered Member

    Feb 10, 2007
    Your Host Information
    USER_AGENT Dead wood & CO
    HTTP_REFERER (none)
    HTTP Connection Information
    HTTP_VIA HTTP/1.1 (DeleGate/5.9.13), 1.1 TTCache02 (Jaguar/3.0-59)
    HTTP_SP_HOST (none)
    HTTP_CACHE_INFO (none)
    HTTP__ Defended-By,Thor-nett*
    Your IP or Proxy Server Name
    3 4
    ϳ¤ì¶ú¤Ç¤¹¡£2 ²Õ½ê¤«¤éϳ¤ì¤Æ¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£

    Now please take a look at this -ok all the test info is false! its all spoofed the site used.
    ok piont is any open proxy on the nett thats found by sites (scanning for open proxcys) are,user forgot to log off mostly Loged off..The rest can be trapping sites .or just used for scamms..please understand this ..thy can be a danger to link to also can be a person like myself that set up a proxcy
    and just have not got it right .that allows ppl to use it as well ..
    its all like a car standing in the street with the engen running and the owner forgot to turn it off .So is it legal for any one to drive it around? Well depends
    on how you see it ...You know how thy work ,But seems you Dont know if thy are hiding you ,Some may some may not and dont forget you still get loged ,IF its not a loged out type ip (USER forgot)that you are using ...
    and you cant know that ..
    Also if you use proxcy ips .here is my 2 cents worth .Number 1 rule ,Never use one for Any thing but surf ,dowload, thats it ,never Email , enter a id on a forum, use chat rooms ,Share, REGESTER, or update ,make shure all your ports are stealthed ...not closed or open .never allow any program SERVER RIGHTS, block all internet servers .and TRUSTED SURVERS..if monkying around with PROXCYS .plus i strongly advice using a PROXCY block every thing and spoof all your info out .
    (.When I am trying to use any of these proxys by putting them
    in my Internet Properties>Connection>LAN Settings .) Never ever DO This .
    Only Use ,and locall host (port number defalt) ....http and secure leave the rest Blank ...and dont have dial auto settings..on .
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