Protection Firefox bug ?

Discussion in 'SpywareBlaster & Other Forum' started by Sumer1, Jul 5, 2009.

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  1. Sumer1

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    Dec 3, 2006
    On XP SP3 (and on Windows 7 RC) SpywareBlaster 4,2, I have 6 different Firefox profiles. When I enable the Mozilla Protection, SpywareBlaster seem to modify only permissions.sqlite on the first profile named in profiles.ini . The problem is that the 4th which is active. So no protection is enable on current active profile. I think a small (?) modification in code can fix this. For the moment the code read only the first 7 lines in the file . May be the code have to read the entire profile.ini file then choose only the one with <<Default=1>>(active profile) or for protection on all the profiles create/modify permissions.sqlite in each profile
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.