Proper Uninstall Guide - Agnitum Outpost Firewall Pro

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    Apr 26, 2012
    I've read a few posts across the board, mentioning that Outpost Firewall Pro leaves too many traces behind after uninstalling the firewall, therefore making the system dirty.

    This is definitely the case if it's done the traditional way - Via Add or Remove Programs/Programs and Features.

    If you truly want to do a squeaky clean uninstall, then follow this guide.

    NOTE: Get "Installed On" info via Programs and Features/Add or Remove Programs before you proceed with any of these steps. See if the installation date of Outpost Firewall Pro matches with a Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 program entry.

    If so, then this is more than likely the version of Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 that is associated with the Firewall (This needs to be uninstalled after uninstalling the Firewall, steps described below)

    Outpost Firewall Pro: Uninstall

    1. Restart your computer into Safe Mode

    2. Once your desktop has booted into Safe Mode, locate the following folder "C:\Program Files\Agnitum\Outpost Firewall Pro" or whatever directory you chose to install the Firewall in.

    3. Locate and double click on "clean.exe" located inside that directory.

    4. A dialog box will appear, looking like this.


    Hit the "Yes" button to proceed

    Another dialog box will appear thereafter, describing on what will be happening - Click Ok button to close that dialog box

    5. At this point, It'll appear as if nothing is happening, but no worries, it's thoroughly cleaning Outpost Firewall Pro from your computer. First indicator that it's doing something is a notification from Security or Action Center, Basically letting you know that you lack the means of a Firewall now.

    Another minute or so, your computer will restart on it's own.

    At this point the Firewall is completely cleaned from your computer

    Next Step: Uninstall Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 (In the actual Windows Desktop, Not Safe Mode)
    x86 if under a 32-bit system and x64 if under a 64-bit system

    When you installed Outpost Firewall Pro, it installed a required extension - Microsoft Visual C + + 2010, Now we shall uninstall this.

    1. Click Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features or Add or Remove Programs - On the list, locate Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 (x86 if on 32-bit, x64 if on 64-bit)

    NOTE: Make sure it's the one associated with Outpost (Matching the installation Date of the Firewall is usually how I find out - Noted above). Also, some other programs may depend on this extension as well - Please keep that in mind.

    2. Right click on the program entry and select "Uninstall"

    3. After you uninstalled, Restart your computer

    Last Step: Making Sure

    After the above steps have been completed, two blank folders will be associated with past installation, deleting them is safe.

    Delete these directories (Remember, they're blank and serve no purpose):
    "C:\Program Files\Agnitum"
    "C:\ProgramData\Agnitum" - This is a hidden directory, you must allow "Show hidden files" via Folder Options to show itself in Explorer

    Last Step/Confirmation:

    To put your mind at ease, type Outpost and Agnitum in regedit.exe, You'll notice that no entries were found after you typed "Outpost", but only two entries were found for "Agnitum". This should show how well the above steps worked, rather than using the traditional Add or Remove method.

    Lastly, I would recommend a thorough CCleaner session after all this.

    Hope this helped :thumb:
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