Problems with True Image 8 Rescue Disc

Discussion in 'Acronis True Image Product Line' started by kite, Dec 29, 2004.

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  1. kite

    kite Guest


    Today I bumped into a few problems with Acronis True Image 8
    (#build 786):

    - mouse/touchpad not detected by the True Image Rescue Disc;

    - last logical drive (in my system drive F:) in the extended
    partition not recognized by the True Image Rescue Disc;

    Build #771 of Acronis True Image Rescue Disc does recognize the
    mouse/touchpad, but drive F: also was not recognized by that

    I hope this can be fixed.

  2. rharris270

    rharris270 Guest

    With respect to the mouse problem, I had that issue with build 786. Contact Acronis support directly. They were able to guide me though some diagnostics. Then, they made an ISO image that I could burn to a CD and run TI8 with a mouse.

    As for your "F:\" dirve, be aware that the TI8 bootable CD is LINUX-based, and sometimes see disks differently than does Windows. For example, I have two internal hard drives with multiple paritions and one external hard drive. TI8 sees C and D as the primary partitions on the two internal drives, then E as the external drive. But, XP sees the second partition on the first internal drive as E. Similarly, the letter for the CDROM drive changes between XP and TI8. If you are lucky, your problem with "F:\" is merely a question of the order of partitions and devices.

    I have found it useful to "lable" partitions in XP, even those on external disks. I use words like "BOOT", "DATA", "BACKUP", "USB120" to remind me which is which. These lables also show up when running the TI8 bootable CD. If you have no lables, perhaps the size can be used to verfiy which partition is which.

    I have not experienced TI8 failing to see one of several partitions. If it sees the disk, it sees the whole disk. In fact, it can see LINUX as well as windows partitions. However, if a partition boot record were damaged, then I could see how TI8 might have a problem, as would most other programs.
  3. Menorcaman

    Menorcaman Retired Moderator

    Aug 19, 2004
    Menorca (Balearic Islands) Spain
  4. kite

    kite Guest

    hi menorcaman,

    thanks for your reaction.

    i understand the re-assigning of letters to drives and that it doesn't have to be the same as when looking to the drive from windows.

    but the drive (a logical partition inside the extended partition) was actually missing. not a sign from it; not saying an assignment.

    acronis support pointed me yesterday to an iso-image and after burning that to a cd-r i was able to boot from it and experience a fully functional rescue disc including mouse/touchpad support and assigning all available partitions and drives.
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