Problems w/ recent Vidalia/Tor/TorButton & FX 3.6?

Discussion in 'privacy technology' started by phkhgh, Mar 21, 2010.

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    Aug 17, 2007
    Have others had problems w/ the latest one or 2 releases of Vidalia / Tor / TorButton working w/ FX 3.6 (in Vista x64)?

    I installed latest bundle 2.1.25 (Torbutton 1.2.4). Had trouble getting it to install correctly at 1st. Never had a problem for last several releases.
    Uninstalled / reinstalled & got to work, but the "new" torbutton proxy test settings button test fails. Says
    I don't know if problems are related to tor project switching from Privoxy to Polipo.

    Tor worked & torbutton switched settings in network connections, until shut machine down. Next start, tor couldn't make conn. Torbutton doesn't toggle the settings in FX 3.6 correctly, or at all.

    Uninstalled, d/l new copy & reinstalled same ver again - worked for short time - then same thing. So installed 2nd most recent bundle 2.1.24 (still has Polipo). Have same problem. Nothing has changed on my pc or router, FW / AV since last good working Vidalia bundle v2.0.35 was installed. It always worked perfectly, but w/ Privoxy & earlier torbutton. Can't be the router or it wouldn't work once when 1st install it. Turned KIS off completely - no change.

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