Problem with Serv-U and LNS 2.05p2

Discussion in 'LnS English Forum' started by guest, Aug 17, 2005.

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    hi i use Serv-U 6.1 to share files through ftp through my home computers (network), anyway i have LNS 2.05p2 installed on the computer which acts as the host (has Serv-U 6.1) installed. when LNS is on it doesn't allow other users to connect to the ftp while is that?
    also i have been having problems with games too, i try to play network games and when LNS is on it doesn't allow connecting to the other computer to play.

    i did allow the programs when it asked me for internet access, am i missing something or is this just a bug in LNS?
  2. CBiggerstaff

    CBiggerstaff Guest

    I fixed the Serv-U issue by creating a new internet filtering rule:
    Rule Name:Whatever u want
    Ethernet type: I chose All
    Protocol: TCP
    Frag offset/flags:All
    Ethernet Address: All
    Ip:Address:Equals my @
    21 ftp
    I left the rest with defaults. I also put this new rule above TCP:Any other packet.

    Another (less secure) option would be to turn off (uncheck) internet filtering enabled as you'll still at least have the application blocking..
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