Problem With NOD32 Command Line On Demand Scanner

Discussion in 'NOD32 version 2 Forum' started by daumaster, Apr 20, 2007.

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  1. daumaster

    daumaster Registered Member

    Apr 20, 2007
    Hi ! I am based in Assam, India.

    Whenever I save a web page online or offline in my pc, the On Demand Command Line Profile Scanner of NOD32 Ver 2.7 i) tries to open the file after scanning but fails (error opening [4]) or ii) fails to detect the file in my hard drive (Path E:/Folder Name/File Name.htm is invalid). OS is WinXP with SP2 and browser is Firefox with Comodo Personal Pro firewall, Lavasoft Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D & Spyware Terminator.

    The following log messages keep coming in succession on the screen & PC has to be shutdown or forced by Task Manager to close the NOD32 Scanner Log Window or :

    NOD32 On-Demand (Manual) Scanner (Command Line rofile) Scanning log NOD32 Version 2197 (20070417)
    Command line: E:/Folder Name/File Name.htm
    Checking CRC of NOD32.EXE: Status OK
    Operating memory is OK

    Date: 17.04.2007 Time: 19:38:39
    Anti Stealth Technology is enabled
    Scanned disk, folders, files: E:/Folder Name/File
    Name.htm; E:/Folder Name/File Name.htm
    E:/Folder Name/File Name.htm\ error opening [4]
    Number of scanned files:1
    Number of threats found:0
    Time of completion:19:38:40 Total scanning time: 1 sec
    Notes generated -
    [4] File cannot be opened. It may be in use by another
    application or operating system.


    Path E:/Folder Name/File Name.htm is invalid
    Number of scanned files:0
    Number of threats found:0
    Time of completion:19:38:00 Total scanning time: 1 sec

    This problem does not come when I use Internet Explorer 6.

    I have also installed NOD32 Ver 2.7 in my laptop with the same configuration and this problem is not there. I had contacted ESET, who advised me to go for an uninstall & reinstall, which I did accordingly. But, the problem still remains.

    Command Line Switches used are from Blackspear's guide as shown below :
    /local /adware /ah /all /antistealth+ /arch+ /clean /cleanmode /delete /heur+ /log+ /mailbox+ /ntfs+ /pack+ /quarantine /scanboot+ /scanmbr+ /scanmem+ /scroll+ /sfx+ /unsafe /unwanted /wrap+

    Can anyone help ?
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