Problem to use Drive Backup due presence of 'Dynamic' partition

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    May 23, 2014

    I am confronted to an annoying problem.

    I executed Drive Backup 2013 (Free) to make and record 4 images of 4 primary partitions on a Windows PC.
    All 4 partitions were of type 'Basic'.

    Then I changed the type of one of the partition, the second one on the disk, to 'Dynamic'.
    The other partitions, third and fourth ones, were automatically also changed to type 'Dynamic'.
    The first one remained and still remains of type 'Basic'.
    The OS is Windows 7

    After this change, I can't restore the imaged partitions with their images.
    Drive Backup 2013 (Free edition) doesn't show button 'Restore' for the partition of type 'Basic'. It does show the button for the first parrtition that remains 'Basic'

    The additionnal problem is that I can't reverse the type from 'Dynamic' to 'Basic' for a disk on which there is the operating system. It isn't an external hard drive, it's the hard drive of the laptop.
    This doesn't please me. I had deleted data of third and fourth partitions and I can't restore them just because partitions of type 'Dynamic' appeared on the disk !

    I would like to know why Drive Backup 2013 isn't able to restore images when one of the partitions has 'Dynamic' type.
    Is it because the software I use is the Free version ?
    I plan to buy the complete version some day, and even the Hard Disk Manager of Paragon, but I'd like to be sure that the complete versions are able to restore images in all the cases.

    I imagined the following to get out of the trap I'm in:
    erase completely the hard drive --> I think I will obtain an unallocated space on all the hard drive, on which Drive Backup 2013 will be able to restore the 4 images I did.

    What do you think of this idea ?

    The best should be if someone could do a test on an erased hard drive and verify that Drive Backup 2013 Free edition works correctly in this case.
    But it's certainly a lot of work to perform

    Thank you for your attention
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