Probably unknown NewHeur_PE virus

Discussion in 'ESET NOD32 Antivirus' started by partitura, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. partitura

    partitura Registered Member

    Dec 16, 2008

    I contact you from Softland company. We created and we develop the Backup4all program. We also offer support for this application.

    We have many complains from our clients that NOD32 antivirus detects the scheduler module of Backup4all as a possible virus and the file is quarantined.

    The listed reason is: "Probably unknown NewHeur_PE virus".

    There is no virus in our application.
    You can download the application from:

    I am waiting for a response.

    Best regards,
  2. PaulB2005

    PaulB2005 Registered Member

    Apr 19, 2005
    I submitted the file as a False Positive from your FBackup 4 software on the 7th Dec 2008.

    Is it still being detected??
  3. ASpace

    ASpace Guest


    Could you point out the exact process/file that is being detected and send it to along with information .
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