Possible bug, unusual behaviour in PREVX

Discussion in 'Prevx Releases' started by overangry, Jun 4, 2009.

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  1. overangry

    overangry Registered Member

    Apr 4, 2009
    I originally posted this in Introducing the new prevx edge
    post#4311 and fear it is misplaced in this thread.

    Hi, I hope someone can help me out with this,

    This may be a possible bug, this behavior cant be right

    Ok then let me give you a quick summary of events:

    I downloaded a screen saver, recommended by some trustworthy sites. I researched before downloading.
    Well prevx detected 2 high risk worms Being a screen saver and all I thought that anything is possible(personally, still believing it to be a false positive)

    Alarm bells went off within prevx and me...

    I didn't want to clean up just yet, thought I would perform a system scan that's when it all started

    I sopped (not paused)the scan because I had to urgently attend to something, just for a minute. I wanted to restart the scan and had realised my red blinking icon had turned green(safe) STRANGE Well I proceed with my scan and there are no more threats on my system... CLEAN

    I couldn't believe it, So I thought I would run the exe again alarm bells in prevx detecting the same worm, well... scan, paused(clean green)restart scan and no more threats
    What has happend

    Now to make things worse I ran the exe again, this time prevx detects nothing
    the file is now clean or is it

    Could you please explain this behaviour

    I have both log files
    1. Infection is noted at page bottom(high risk worm)
    2.the miraculous recovery from certain destruction no mention of its existence (taken later; not even detecting or mentioning the previous infection)

    Can some one replicate this, I'm sure it's not limited to my exe?(for identifying it as clean after a stopped scan and rescan)

    Who can I post the log files too? I would like to send you the link to the site so you can verify it as a threat or FP


    It was silly of me to post the same thread twice, the other thread is being answered.
    My apology
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  2. StevieO

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    Feb 2, 2006
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