Policy Plus - introduces Group Policy access on all Windows Editions

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    Policy Plus is intended to make the power of Group Policy settings available to everyone.
    • Run and work on all Windows editions, not just Pro and Enterprise
    • Comply fully with licensing (i.e. transplant no components across Windows installations)
    • View and edit Registry-based policies in local GPOs, per-user GPOs, individual POL files, offline Registry user hives, and the live Registry
    • Navigate to policies by ID, text, or affected Registry entries
    • Show additional technical information about objects (policies, categories, products)
    • Provide convenient ways to share and import policy settings
    Non-Registry-based policies (i.e. items outside the Administrative Templates branch of the Group Policy Editor) currently have no priority, but they may be reconsidered at a later date.

    On Home Editions there are some restrictions:
    Review (gHacks): https://www.ghacks.net/2017/07/25/policy-plus-brings-group-policy-to-all-windows-editions/

    The program is based on .NET and after launching it (administrator rights are needed), it feels like the real Group Policy Editor.
    The tree is displayed on the left and on the right all available policies are being displayed.
    All available entries from the menu:

    PolicyPlus_Menu_(1)_File.png PolicyPlus_Menu_(2)_View.png PolicyPlus_Menu_(3)_Find.png PolicyPlus_Menu_(4)_Share.png PolicyPlus_Menu_(5)_Help.png

    The user can switch between per-user GPO and Computer GPO or both can be displayed at the same time. (C) = Computer GPO, (U) = per-user GPO
    More information about an entry can be shown with rightclicking it and selecting of Details:
    Now Policy Details are being displayed:

    Website + Download
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    Feb 20, 2009
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