PocoMail (email client) - 14th April 2006

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  1. Eldar

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    Jul 12, 2004
    Vilvoorde (Belgium)
    PocoMail version 4.1 build 3650

    New in PocoMail 4.1

    The new version sports many improvements while ensuring that the user experience does not suffer with additional clutter and complexity. User interface has actually been simplified to ensure easy access to many of the new and powerful features.

    - Added the ability to disable or enable individual accounts in Accounts Setup; removed unnecessary accounts from Compose Window dropdown
    - Added option to warn when sending message without Subject line
    - Added Duplicate Account option to Accounts Setup right-click menu
    - Added option to encrypt email history list to Options > Advanced > Sending Email
    - Improved F8 and F6 keys to work with sidebars; Shift+F8 and Shift+F9 shortcuts added to toggle left and right sidebars
    - Improved HTML display, fixed display of some messages with remotely referenced images
    - Improved Online Folders, several IMAP issues addressed, new Online indicator added to Online Folder's tab, smoother operation of Online Folders and fixed errors that sometimes appeared
    - Changes and improvements to Unicode and international character handling in general; added Encoding menu to Compose window
    - Changes to the way Draft and Queued messages are handled while editing
    - Changes and improvements to vertical folder index display mode
    - Fixed issues where certain attachments would arrive with modified filenames
    - Fixed error when trying to save messages with certain types of attachments to file
    - Fixed sending message to multiple recipients to still go through if one or more recipients are found invalid by the SMTP server
    - Fixed several issues with Import functions; more compatible Outlook import, fixed address book HTML export
    - Fixed problem where in some cases In folder would not be imported when upgrading from older versions
    - Fixed double-spaced signatures being inserted in certain scenarios
    - Fixed small problems with remembering window sizing on certain computer configurations
    - Fixed printing problems from Compose window and when using some non-English characters
    - Fixed SMTP PLAIN authentication causing problems on certain servers
    - Fixed SMTP with TLS causing problems with certain servers
    - Fixed error that would appear in certain configurations "Cannot create file..."
    - Fixed some messages not being displayed when Show Headers option is active
    - Fixed display of messages in multipart digest format

    Enjoy ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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