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  1. tehjackel

    tehjackel Registered Member

    Nov 17, 2006
    i was looking for a plugin for looknstop but couldnt find it so i was hoping someone here could help me.

    it would add an option to have an and/or button so when you assign a source OR destination it isnt source AND destination also if you need to assign more then one port not in a range you can just add them on kinda like in the pic thx in advance

    or if anyone knows where to find a plugin source thatd be great.
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  2. Frederic

    Frederic LnS Developer

    Jan 9, 2003

    Depending on the direction of the packet (inbound or outbound) Look 'n' Stop already exchanges source/destination, so normally you don't need an OR between dest & source.
    You just need to put the port on the right side of the rule for a standard client connectop,.

    And anyway you should have another rule that will block any incoming connections for server type connections (whatever the port). So there is no need to create a second rule to block inbound packets on a specific port.

    For the multiple port selection, you could try the RawEditionRule plugin:

    If you have several consecutive fields testing the same value inside the packet (=same offsets, same length) then an OR will be done (instead of an AND). However it is limited to 10 fields max, you need one for ethernet type and one for Protocol type, so you will have 8 remaining fields: either 8 ranges or 16 individual ports (using "Equal Or" criteria), or a mix between ranges and individual ports.

    Finally if you'd like to create your own rule edition, contact us at, and we will give you a sample plugin project.
    Anyway the limitation of 10 fields will still be there, even if you do your own plugin.


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