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    I am as Patriotic as anyone and have always held President Eisenhower in the highest regard, and detest hackers and cyber-criminals with a passion, but I have to admit that I find this one funny, if not hilarious. Maybe cuz it's so incongruous and outrageous and stupid. You have to see the screen captures to understand. The stateliness and solemnity of The National Archives Building in DC makes this even more incongruous. It is the place where you can view the original copy of the US Constitution.Picture a historian scholar doing research for a new book on President Eisenhower and going to a page and seeing this. I suppose later I will be thinking of this as more of a sacrilegious than humorous event. Depends on whether this is a case of defacement or these idiots actually believed someone would make a purchase:]

    "National Archives Website Hacked; Selling Handbags, Shoes, Watches

    Advertisements in Japanese for handbags, backpacks, running shoes, and more began showing up on the website of the U.S. National Archives this week. Hackers managed to compromise a subdomain of the site, eisenhower.archives.gov. Below are screen captures of just two of the unauthorized pages"


    U.S. Archives Home page:

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