Plain and highlight tags; nesting

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    Feb 9, 2002
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    I needed to use PLAIN tags. I wanted to highlight the lines which were different in the two updates (the old one and the new one).

    [PLAIN ][b ] ... [/b ][/PLAIN ]
    That didn't work. That was probably to be expected.

    [b]Virus signature database: 10438 (20140918)[/b]

    Would doing it the other way around work?
    [b ][PLAIN ] ... [/PLAIN ][/b ]

    Virus signature database: 10438 (20140918)

    Yes, that works.
    But then I should have been using the Plain tags in several lines there, and I must admit that I was too lazy for that. So I decided to forget the highlight tags and put the whole post between Plain tags.