PG (and PC Tools' Spyware Doctor revisited)

Discussion in 'ProcessGuard' started by SG1, Jun 17, 2006.

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  1. SG1

    SG1 Registered Member

    Jan 16, 2003
    PG warns that (my trial ver. of) Spyware Dr. tries to terminate smss.exe, which should be off limits I'm sure. Why might this program, "the good Dr." from a respectable co. be doing trying to kill the .exe file - a legit part of the XP's functioning?

    Thanks, for any advice on this. SG1 (Pat)
  2. dog

    dog Guest

  3. redwolfe_98

    redwolfe_98 Registered Member

    Feb 14, 2002
    South Carolina, USA
    thanks for the "heads up", "dog"..
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