PF says Abiword is attempting privilege escalation?

Discussion in 'malware problems & news' started by Gullible Jones, Nov 26, 2012.

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  1. I just opened a document in Abiword on my netbook (currently running Windows XP SP3). Privatefirewall reported that Abiword was attempting to change its privilege level; I told PF to block the attempt. After that Abiword functioned without any problems.

    The facts of the matter:
    - I'm already running XP as an administrator. (How does privilege elevation work with that?)
    - PF is set to filter everything, prompt for unknown executables, and always show the full prompts. For installing most programs (including Abiword) I used learning mode.
    - The document is in ODT format, and was originally written by me on a Linux machine.

    So I'm a bit confused by this. Could it be some sort of false positive, or Abiword exhibiting defective behavior on Windows?

    (Note BTW that I've seen similar stuff before with Abiword and Online Armor - IIRC OA claimed that Abiword was trying to do raw disk writes, and blocking that did not impair its functionality.)

    Edit: Hitman Pro reports no infected files, and Jotti says the document is clean... Bizarre.
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