Petition to Microsoft regarding auto updates in Windows 10

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    Susan Bradley (M$ MVP) of WindowsSecrets started a petition to Nadela of Microsoft regarding the unsafety and lack of information in forced automatic updates titled "What Computer users want changed in Windows 10"
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    This is a special kind of petition because people who use Windows 10 actually AGREE to the terms. I find this fascinating, hehehe. It's like me agreeing of being poisoned by a company that sells "Legal" poison [1] , but then I make a petition so that they stop poisoning me even though I agree to use their products? It makes no ~ Snipped as per TOS ~ sense!

    People signing to this petition should all unite and do something that actually could work: they should all donate money to an organization that specializes in privacy rights, so this company can hire good lawyers and file a lawsuit against Microsoft, demanding that their constitutional rights in regards to privacy stay unviolated. Although, that would also be very difficult since Microsoft is a US-based company and since users are agreeing of giving up their data to Microsoft.

    I don't want to sound pessimist but this petition will likely fail miserably.

    Another thing that could actually work, and has proven to work in the past of Microsoft, is actually not using Windows 10 at all. When Microsoft first pushed Vista it was a project that wasn't finished, was buggy, not compatible with a ton of hardware, and so on. People made actual pressure on Microsoft and got back to XP. The result? Vista didn't sell much, Microsoft got the message and fixed Vista on Service Pack's 1 and 2.

    I think the biggest problem in trying to regain privacy in this case is that Windows 10 privacy violations are not something that isn't informed to the users. There is a privacy statement that is presented to every user upon install or first system run, everyone is free to not agree with that statement and not use Windows ;)

    [1] Think of a company that sells a very popular cola soda that contains a TON of poison in form of sugar.
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