PDF-XChange Viewer Update (2.050)

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    Apr 14, 2007
    version 2.0.0050.0 release - 13-04-2010:

    Added workaround for streams with invalid Filter property.

    Resolved issue with making instance as foreground. (8084)

    Resolved possible deadlock under Vista during "Make Default PDF-Viewer" operation.

    Fixed searching of hyphen symbols. (8013)

    Added partial support for TabletPC/Wacom (auto-switching between Ink and InkEraser tools). (808:cool:

    Resolved some issues with UI-fonts. (8092)

    Added security options for Open/Launch Files or Programs, look into [Preferences/Security].

    Added new simple operations: "IsPDF", "MsgToCommand", "MsgToCommandAndExec" (7957, 8072)

    Updated the "Command.Shortcut" section.

    Added new functionality for the document object: "PDFA" property, "AddAttachment" method. (8011, 8014)

    Added new features. UI-Commands: "HideAllBars", "ShowAllBars", simple operation: "HasVisibleBars". (8036)

    Added presentation feature for full-screen mode. (8061)

    Added feature: select stamp/comment-style by single click. (7692)

    Add default zoom-factors for new bookmark(links) creation, such as "fit width", "fit height", "inherit", "current", etc. (7987)

    Add new search features: "Include Pages Content", "Include Document Info".

    Fixed small issue with find-box. (8074)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.