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Discussion in 'all things UNIX' started by Mrkvonic, May 2, 2006.

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  1. Mrkvonic

    Mrkvonic Linux Systems Expert

    May 9, 2005
    I have decided to put a little slideshow up for the benefit of all those who fear linux / unix, and show you that the monster is not so ferocious.

    First, I downloaded the VMWare PCBSD machine and ran it. I configured my VMWare Player as another machine on my home network, 192.168.***.***, so it runs with firewall enabled on the gateway, without any problems.

    Then, I ran the PCBSD. The surprise is pleasant.

    This is the desktop. You can see I have already installed Opera, for instance.


    This is the Konsole / Terminal = cmd, where you can write down your commands. For instance, I'm trying to display the contents of a directory, using ls -ltra command. Before that, I changed the user ownership back to the local user from the root user, using su command.


    This is me in Wilders, through Opera, taking screenshots.


    This is me trying to configure ClamAV updater to run through proxy. Now, this is a bit tricky and different from the usual Windows option. But it's not very difficult. I browsed to the root folder, then to Programs folder, then I looked for the configuration file.
    I needed to enable my root privileges to do so.
    Then in Terminal, I started the text editor -> kwrite [Enter].
    I opened the configuration file and uncommented the HTTPProxy lines and changed to relevant proxy and port. And then the updater worked. This is not necessary for home user, but if you got proxy ...
    Now, this is just a rough example of how to do. Help will give you a long list of commands to use. And most configuration files are rather straightforward text files.


    Me changing the privileges so I can alter program files - a la limited user.


    Clicking download software icon on Desktop takes you to the pcbsd home site, where packages wait at ready to be downloaded. It cannot be simpler than that. Download. Install. When installing, it asks for admin password, of course.


    Finally, take a look at the ambient graphics. I have downloaded a Crystal theme, which gives the transparent glass look to windows - a la Aero in Vista, very smooth and cool.


    Lots of other packages are available. Very friendly and nice.

    All in all, if you are not a gamer, you can easily use this rather than the standard Windows. Some problems might exist if you need to configure sharing, pppoe dialers and such, but it's a matter of some patience, after which you will feel much more confident about your pc work.

    Not much different from working with script based programming.

    I hope you enjoy this guys.
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  2. trickyricky

    trickyricky Registered Member

    Mar 27, 2005
    London, UK
    That's a nice post. I'm already a confirmed Linux/Unix afficionado, so it's great to see others spreading the good word. :cool:
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