PasswordSafe v2.05

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    Jul 31, 2003
    PasswordSafe v2.05

    This is a maintenance release, adding a couple of minor features, fixing a couple of bugs.

    Bugs fixed in 2.05:
    [1007283] Database no longer accidentally erased if modified and then screen lock kicks in before save.
    [1022367] Screen lock is disabled if a dialog box is open, such as when editing an exiting entry, adding an entry, etc.
    [992178] ESC no longer exits the application.
    [998745, 1003780] Autotype feature now works for non-US keyboards
    [987618] The group field of an entry is now also taken into account when checking for uniqueness.

    New Features for 2.05:
    [917795] Import from plain text file supported
    [951317] Preferences stored in password database as well as registry - useful for users who access the same database on several computers.

Thread Status:
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