Partition resizing operation crash + complications

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    Apr 16, 2015
    Hello, please help ..

    - I used <some> Paragon partition manager software to resize 250GB NTFS boot partition with Win XP and data in it.
    - Computer shut down unexpectedly in middle of process (cca 15th minute of estimated 30)
    - next boot I got the “Interrupted operation: insert the recovery CD or other recovery media and reboot your PC”

    - problem is (stupid me) I don't remember what version of Paragon software I used. (I have it installed for a year now). I only know it's x86 version installed and started from the WinXP.

    - I used "Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Suite" my friend had installed on other computer to create the WinPE 'Paragon recovery media' flash stick. (Using Win7 64 and WAIK the Boot media builder offered).
    - Booted from it, selected full scale UI, it automatically popped a message that previous operation was unfinished, I selected Complete
    - it instantly showed "Completed", but afterward showed the hard disk as empty = all unallocated space.

    - I tried Undelete partition, Quick search
    - it found the missing partition, I undeleted it, it showed on the hdd

    - when I tried to boot from it, it said no bootable media/partition(?) found .. insert boot disk etc.

    - Booted back to recovery media flash, checked the partition, found its not marked Active, marked it Active successfuly.

    - next boot I got the “Interrupted operation: insert the recovery CD or other recovery media and reboot your PC” message again. :[

    - Every time I boot from recovery media flash to full scale UI it offers to Complete previous operation, but after reboot the “Interrupted operation" message is still there.

    Looks like I'm stuck in a loop now.

    Would somebody please have an advice ??

    The only thing that comes to my mind is: are there differences between 'Paragon recovery media' created with different Paragon software versions ? Ie. maybe they are not compatible ?