Partition letters re-assigned after Re-Allocation of free space.

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    Jun 9, 2014
    Hello All,
    I'm new here but will try to be concise. I purchased and am using PDM 12 for Windows. My OS is XP.

    C: drive is fine and partitioned into C: and D: My DVD Burner was (and still is) H:
    I HAD a 500 GB WD partitioned into E: F: G: It Crashed and Burned; I removed the drive from the system. (3 months before the crash, I installed the 1.5TB Seagate below).

    I have a 1.5 TB Seagate. partitioned into I: J: and K: (Paragon retained these drive letters after I removed the defunct drive.
    I tried to re-allocate some free space by draging the partions; I applied the changes. I sat with the system for about 15 minutes without any movement on the screen. I decided to let it do it's thing. And the next day my system had been restarted (I can only assume by the PDM software).

    I logged into windows and many of my programs would not work. Windows could not find them. I used windows explorer look at the drive structure and drive "K:" was missing. Drive "E" had appeared and needed to be formatted. Now here is where it gets crazy.

    XP reports that E: needs to be formatted.
    PDM reports that G: needs to be formatted.

    The problem is that PDM reassigned letters on the 1.5 TB drive partitions.
    I: J: and K:
    TO -- E: F: and G: Paragon reports that G: is unformatted with no file structure (was K: with NTFS before the allocation change)

    reports these Partitions as E: I: and J:
    XP can access I: and J:

    I've looked for deleted partitions as comprehensively as PDM will allow - with no luck.
    I have not changed a "bit" (pun intended) of anything on the drive after discovering this problem.

    All my program installations, including PDM and image/backup files are on the partition waiting to be formatted. PDM is gone as well as 70% of my program Information. All I have to work with is a boot CD made after I installed Paragon Disk Manager.

    I hope this all makes sense to anyone reading this thread.

    I was tempted to re-assign the partitions to the drive letters prior to the re-allocation but thought I would get some expert advice first.
    Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help me out of this situation.

    (I guess this means I have to change my handle to digi "not much of a" wizard.
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