Paragon Suite 12 no longer working

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  1. darth_schmuck

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    Apr 27, 2014
    computer lost power this week during an AVG update. 'puter got screwy. completely uninstalled AVG. 'puter seems okay. tried backing up my desktop again, through Paragon Suite 12 after a successful "migration" attempt three months ago. During attempt/s: multiple vss errors, failure halfway through w/failed to read hdd and just now a 'puter reboot with no specific error number with which to research. source drive is an ASUS hdd, target drive is a WD My Book. Both have same formatting & memory. Unable to migrate Nor copy hard disk. the ext hard drive shows up in Devices & Printers (Control Panel) and in Paragon Suite 12. Paragon shows the target drive as just a little smaller used amount due to not including the pagefile. However, the WD My Book does not show up in My Computer, though it did before after the first successful migration three months ago. any input would be welcomed. ty
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    Nov 17, 2011
    Did you use the AVG Removal tool to remove AVG completely? The Control Panel often does not suffice to completely remove an anti-virus app. If you didn't use the AVG removal tool, try the removal again with the tool.

    I don't know what version of Windows you are running. If 8 or above, there is a "dism" command which will restore health to your computer if Windows is corrupted. If Windows 7 or earlier, I would recommend running an "sfc /scannow" to ascertain whether Windows itself was corrupted. If that comes back clean, then I would run the manufacturer's HD diagnostics on both the internal and external drive to eliminate the hardware as the source of your problem.

    If your computer passes all of those tests, then we can dig deeper. Hope this helps. Good luck and have a great day.