Paragon NTFS to HFS converter

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    Aug 20, 2014
    Hi guys,

    great to have found this forum, I hope I can find help with my dilemma :(

    Well let me tell you real quick what happened, I just upgraded to a 1TB Seagate External hard drive and have put all my information on it then realized since it was NTFS formatted it wouldn't take folder as large as 5GB.

    I found the converter software and used it to convert from NTFS to HFS however I found my laptop restarted itself when I got back from some errands. I did not see the application running nor was my hard drive detected (I was doing this on a windows PC) so I hooked it to my macbook and I got a message saying something like unrecognized/undetected drive error.

    I have lost all my data and hoping for help on this forum, does anyone know if there is a chance to recover my data? Also, I know it was negligend on my end for not backing up my data before doing this attempt but thought this is a safe method. Arrghh usually I am careful with this stuff not sure why I wasn't this time.

    Thanks guys for your time!