Paragon Boot Man' not seeing XP installed before Win7

Discussion in 'Paragon Partition Manager Product Line' started by outlawuk, Dec 1, 2012.

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  1. outlawuk

    outlawuk Registered Member

    Dec 1, 2012
    This problem relates to multi-booting and selecting which operating system to boot when the computer is started.
    I recently bought Disk Manager 12 specifically for the boot manager facility and I cannot get it to do what I was hoping for.
    Here goes.... I made myself a new computer and following advice I installed the older version of Windows (XP) first. I then installed Win7 second.
    I would like to select which operating system to boot from the initial Paragon boot manager menu.
    The machine has several disks. For purpose of this problem I will only refer to Disk 1 (SSD) and Disk 2 (hard drive).
    I installed XP onto disk 2. When it clean installed the installer wanted to do something with Disk 1 although the XP system is actually installed on disk 2.
    I presume/guess there is some kind of boot loader, tiny file only on disk 1?
    XP would boot perfectly so I moved to the next step.....

    I then clean installed Win7 64bit onto Disk 1.

    I can now boot into both operating systems but only through the TWO separate Microsoft boot menu screens. Win7 first asks if I want to boot Windows 7 or 'other' operating system. To boot XP I select the 'other' operating system, then a second menu appears asking me to confirm I want to boot Win XP. I presume that XP is creating that menu?
    So it does work, but it's clunky and not what I expected.
    What I really wanted was for the Paragon boot manager to shows it's own menu and I just select Win7 or XP (and Ubuntu and PTS-DOS which I will add later).
    Paragon is installed within Win7 as that will be my primary working environment and I am presuming that paragon can only be installed/activated once so I did not want to 'waste' my one registration by installing it on XP first.

    I thought Paragon was supposed to do this sort of thing with style and grace!? but from what I am doing so far I just cannot get it to recognise that XP is a bootable operating system in its' own right on Disk 2.
    Is this not supposed to be automatic? I run the Paragon boot manager set-up wizard but each time it doesn't seem to achieve anything at all.
    The computer has an Asus MB with (U)EFI/BIOS. At present the BIOS is set to boot from CD then Disk 1 then disk 2. Both disks are AHCI and I installed XP with a 'slipstreamed' installer with correct driver.

    I have created a Paragon rescue CD but nevertheless I am really worried about the possibility that something I do might make either XP or Win7 vanish. I'm certainly not stupid enough to delete a partition, but I don't know if moving MBR's etc will be equally damaging.

    I thought this problem might have been mentioned before by others on here but as I search back i don't see anything so hopefully if anyone is kind enough to make useful suggestions it will also help those who follow on after me.

    Any ideas anyone? Thanks.
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