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    Dec 20, 2008
    When I do a backup now it takes less than 5 hours to do 126 gig image of my hard drive backup up to my Seagate Go Flex 2 TB backup drive which is usb and plugged directly into computer. That seems ok to me. When I schedule a backup doing everything the same except now selecting schedule vs backup now it takes upwards of 12 hours. I start the backup via schedule at midnight. The only thing that runs during the night is windows update if any. My backup ran last night and I checked and their were no window updates last night. I did call Irvine and the person told me to do a test by setting up to do scheduled within an few min and watch to see how much time remaining. I did and started out 3 min and worked up to 7. This took 4 min. I know had I watched for another 10 -20 it would have built up to a higher number but not sure what that will prove. Here is email report from the backup that took 12 hours:

    Full E-mail notification report. System
    info: Computer Name: CHARLES-PC Microsoft Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) Summary: Generated: 08/01/2011 12:19:52 PM All operations have been applied successfully. The following operations have been performed: Backup partition or disk Source: Hard Disk 0 Target: Archive "J:/Paragon Images/arc_110711064117834/arc_110711064117834_2011_0801.PBF" Parameters: volume label: Scheduled Backup August one to one copy: false backup MBR: false backup 1st track: false autoname files: true compression level: 10 split size: 8192000 encripted archive: false incremental: false dont use tempfiles: false sign archive: true burn entire disk: false

    Can you help me.
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