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    Dec 28, 2013
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    Windows 7, SP1
    Paragon B&R 12 Home
    Data partitions
    System Reserved
    M Partition
    Daily full and differential backups
    My Passport (External)
    Daily differentials (transferred)
    Monthly full backup (Original)
    Note: There are 2 My Passports with one always rotating to the bank vault.

    Does that belong to Paragon? If so, shouldn't it be somewhere other than on my Data partition?


    Using differential backup, I eventually will run out of disc space. I want to keep a running tally. The best way to manage this is?

    1) Move them off to an external drive (My Passport)?
    What needs to go with the copied off files?
    Full backup
    Differential files between X and current

    2) Delete "old"?
    Certain differential files between certain dates.


    Thanks to ScottY (2011) and others I think I may have found an answer to one of my questions - grayed out files. Question remains, do I transfer needed archive back to original drive (folder on M) or do I use Recovery Wizard to pick it from My Passport? So far, such an operation hasn't been necessary. I try not to experiment too much.

    More Questions

    ------ Reply from Paragon -------
    (1) In case archive was not deleted/moved, if you store your archives on external HDD, it could be mounted with different letter on the next connection (depend on other storage devices connected to the PC at that moment), but archive database contains letter drive had at the moment of backup, so if it is mounted with another letter, that archive path will be invalid. You may delete invalid record and add it again with changed drive letter.

    The above was Paragon's response to ScottY's bug submission.

    While ScottY did not switch his B&R files to another drive, I have proposed to do so above. Am I looking for trouble if I do? What if I 7-Zip them before transfer? In case I need to recover, unzip back to the original drive and go from there?

    Many questions, I realize but better now than later when I'm up the creek. This isn't my most adept subject. Questions, clarification welcomed.

    Comments and help are appreciated.