Panda: new BlackAngel worm variant

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    - New BlackAngel worm variant -
    Virus Alerts, by Panda Software (​

    Madrid, June 13, 2006 - PandaLabs reports about the new BlackAngel.B worm variant.

    It's a worm that spreads via Microsoft MSN Messenger, and has been detected today, 6/13/2006. Its main features are:

    - File name: fantasma.avi.exe.
    - Icon: uses the same icon that Windows Media Player.
    - Size: 385,024 bytes.
    - Programmed with Visual Basic.

    It sends one of the following messages to all Messenger contacts:

    "jaja look a that http://<<blocked>>/"
    "mira este video http://<<blocked>>/ jaja"

    PandaLabs has already detected some incidences caused by BlackAngel.B and warns about the danger of this worm. Apart from sending copies, it stops security programs and deletes certain files from the operating system. TruPrevent Technologies(TM) detects it proactively.

    In case of doubt about a possible infection, Panda Software offers, for free, the tool ActiveScan to detect this or other malicious codes.
Thread Status:
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