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Discussion in 'other software & services' started by douglasjre, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. douglasjre

    douglasjre Registered Member

    Sep 1, 2004
    How do I force install software to install onto the card, when it doesn't even show up in the "Palm Quick Install" manager? I search for it on the drive after opening the program, open the *.prc and *.dba files, then move them to card, install, and find the program doesn't work o_O

    I'm installing "Pocket Consult" with Mosby's guide to drugs from
  2. Eldar

    Eldar Registered Member

    Jul 12, 2004
    Vilvoorde (Belgium)
    Hi douglasjre,
    Doesn't the *.prc and *.dba files show inside the window of Palm Quick Install? Did you also select to install it to your card?
    You could always download 'SyncWizard' at, so you can install directly these files to your SD-card, bypassing the hotsync upload. It's a trial, but it works full version during a limited time. :)
    If it still doesn't work, I would suggest getting in touch wiht Pocket Consult.
    Maybe the program doesn't work under your OS-version.
    Can't find any info on their website about it. :(
    Never heard of it, but there are some many applications for Palm OS.

    I hope this helps. ;)
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