P2P adjust OS in Bck & Recovery 10

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    Jun 22, 2016
    Hello, times ago I've buyed a full licence for Backup & recovery 10, that I've purchased almost for useful P2P adjust OS tool that I've used a lot! Now I've buyed a notebook with windows 10 and I've to import drivers and adjust OS to another disk that I've used until now, but took from a different hardware, that has all my settings, personalizations, applications and I need for work, includes a lot of softwares still installed.

    But I've tried to install Backup & Recovery 10, on win 10 notebook and it does'nt run in this windows version. What I've to do? I'm stopped with a notebook that I cannot use if I will not install and customize all again, and I don't have time or desire to do,
    I see only 2 possibilities:
    - Simply I could upgrade my Backup&recovery suite to newest one, paying again for the whole software, but I need "P2P os adjust" tool only, and I've still payed for it.!
    - I could downgrade to windows 7 and use it, after upgrade again to windows 10, but is a very hard and annoying thing to do and I've a lot of other things better to do.

    Do you have some suggestions for me?
    many thanks and regards