OutBack Plus, Express Assist, etc, recompiled

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    Feb 9, 2002
    OutBack Plus, Express Assist, Eazy Backup 4, etc, recompiled.

    These are programs from AJSystems:

    AJSystems has recompiled several of their programs and/or files belonging to them.

    The reason is that several AV-scanners are flagging some of the files as being infected with Win32/Induc.A (or something similar named by your AV).
    The question whether that is true or not (a false positive) is not the topic of this posting.
    For your info:
    Here is a general thread about Induc:
    Here is a thread about Eazy Backup 4 and NOD32:

    Depending on which program from AJSystems you have installed, your AV, your system, etc, you might get a warning on some of these files:

    AJSystems has recompiled their programs and/or these files.
    So, users of their program(s) should run either live update or do a fresh install after having downloaded the new one(s); your choice which one.
    If you want to do a fresh install, make first sure that you still have your licence code.

    I myself first did run live update (on Express Assist and Eazy Backup 4), but later decided that it was time to do a fresh install after having uninstalled the installed versions.

    I hope that this might help.
Thread Status:
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